Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, June 06, 2005

Not That There's Anything Wrong With It 

Okay. I'm a little unhappy with following up my last few posts which were about going for a weekend in the Hamptons with one that discusses the Tony Awards because, well, I don't want to acquire a reputation.

But, seriously, does Hugh Jackman have it, or what?

The subject of it came up when the Goddess and I were watching the show tonight. We got back just as the show was starting and the first thing we saw was Christina Applegate doing her version of Charity. Bless her heart, the girl can sing, she can dance, she's not a bad comedienne, but from what I saw tonight, none of it got past her pancake. If I was paying $18 and ran into the show in Syracuse I'd be happy with the effort, but she ain't Broadway.

The broad from Spamalot, Sara Ramirez, on the other hand, she's got it. She's got it dripping from her wrists. I listened to the cast album over the weekend and was knocked flat by her. Judas Priest, there isn't anything, vocally, she can't do. Spectacular.

I stayed at the house this morning while everybody else went to the beach because I wanted to watch the New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial debate. That's how much I don't have it. I'll be voting for Bret on Tuesday, but, I'll tell you the truth, it was entertaining, but only Syracuse entertaining. A lot of Christina's, no Sara's.

We had a lovely time, by the way, and thanks. There was a bird that was shacked up outside our window and every time the bastard opened his beak the Goddess reached for her cell phone. Two days is not enough time to get past that, but I trust she would have adjusted given the time.
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