Drooling on the Pillow

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ms. Schmidt Goes A-Smiting 

The North Hudson Community Action Corporation has stirred some controversy recently over the choice to replace the late former director Michael Leggiero. I don't know enough about this to take sides, but it does appear to be the kind of stink that tends to arise when local politics descends on a service organization with significant federal funding and a well paid job is dangling.

I note this because of a letter to the Reporter (which I can't find on the web site) from Nancy Schmidt, former Director of Mental Health and Addiction Services, of the NHCAC.

She spends seven paragraphs extolling the legacy of Mr. Leggiero and of his hand picked successor, Michael Shababb. She's "appalled, shocked, sickened, saddened and outraged" that Mr. Shababb has been passed over by "outside forces", an apparent reference to the North Hudson Council of Mayors, which, according to another article in the Reporter is exploring issues of compensation and residency. And, perhaps, looking at the appointment as a political plum.

In her final paragraph, Ms. Schmidt goes all old testiment on Mr. Shababb's enemies:
Speak up, ye who slaughter both men and mission, step
away from your cloaks of anonymity and show the faces
of the despicable individuals perpetuating such heinous
acts against good men and a sainted organization.
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