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Friday, May 20, 2005

Schundler For Governor 

According to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll, cited by Steve Kornacki at PoliticsNJ, Doug Forrester has opened up a 39% lead on Sluggo for the New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial nomination with a month to go until the primary. Sluggo is currently tied with Todd Caliguire at 0%.

I think it's time Sluggo threw his support to Bret Schundler which will bring him up to 33%, just six percentage points behind Forrester.

To my supporters I say, 'Thanks, Mom.'

To everyone else, Schundler is the only one in the race with his head screwed on tight on the subjects of taxes and spending. He came out of nowhere with a bunch of nutty ideas and won three elections for Mayor of Jersey City (6% Republican). Facing a $40 million budget gap in 1993, he bundled and sold investors the city's non-performing tax liens. This innovation generated revenues and boosted tax compliance from 78 percent to 99 percent. It also gave average homeowners a $1,200 annual property-tax reduction.

He's got some more nutty ideas for the people of New Jersey. Here's a couple:

Require state and local politicians to get voter approval if
they want to increase per capita spending by more than
1.3 x the rate of inflation.

Increase state funding for New Jersey school districts,
counties, and municipalities that keep their spending
within the above limit.
I don't know if Schundler can beat Corzine, or as DynamoBuzz calls him, the Human ATM. I know Forrester can't. I'll be voting for him and I encourage everyone else to.

Don't worry. Sluggo still has his eye on 2009.
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