Drooling on the Pillow

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Radio Disney 

It's the least original thought in the world that your life has a soundtrack, or a series of soundtracks that are more evocative of particular moments in your life than anything else. I Heard it Through The Grapevine puts me in one place on one day with one girl if it's by Marvin Gaye and 700 miles away with a different (much nicer) girl if Creedence Clearwater is doing it.

These days I have an eight year old and the soundtrack of my life is Radio Disney. I've gotten so that I don't mind it so much. I fear though, that the reason I don't mind it so much is that constant exposure has fused the cord that locks your heart with particular tunes. The upside of that is that whatever horrors she listens to in her teen years won't do as much damage. See, I'm a half-full guy.

Here's the playlist for Radio Disney: oldies, 20%, desecration of oldies by children who have no idea what they're singing about, 30%, beardless suburban lads keeping it real by rappin' round the 'hood, 20%, young women whose vocal cords appear to be attached to dimmered electrodes, 25%, and hook-filled pop tunes by people who know what they're doing, 5%.

I'm perfectly okay with arriving at the 'Dumb kids listen to crap' point in life.
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