Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Local Politics 

Tris McCall does an excellent job of summing up the recent elections in Jersey City. He spends most of the post talking about Steve Fulop's victory over the incumbent Junior Maldonado in the Downtown Ward E.

I don't live in Ward E anymore, but most of my friends here do. I liked Mr. Maldonado -- I thought he was a smart, moderate, hard working guy who had his constituents best interests at heart. Besides, Grace has played on Clemente league teams that he has sponsored for the last two years.

Tris' portrait of Mr. Fulop is of a very different kind of politician. Unethical, uncivil, out for himself.

I didn't follow that race closely, but I trust Tris as an honest, careful observer with no particular axe to grind. Whatever Mr. Fulop accomplishes or intends to accomplish during his tenure, it can't hurt that he knows people are watching and that he has some fences to mend.
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