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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm Just a Blogger, But . . . 

I was reading a story in the Daily News on the way to work about the fiasco that was the Rock 'n' Roll Retirement Home where, starting in 1988 a series of fundraisers, benefits and backers were going to build a home for aging rockers along the lines of the Actor's Home in Englewood.

Joey Dee was the dreamer, but a lot of hustlers became associated with it. Nobody knows just how much money was raised, but by the time everybody started running for cover in 1999 none of it was left.

This paragraph caught my attention:
. . . the foundation was lucky to have two partners
experienced in fund-raising: Dr. Allen Haimes, a Florida
dentist, and his wife, Judith Richardson Haimes, who
had made news two years earlier when she won a
million-dollar lawsuit against Temple University Hospital
on the ground that a medical error during surgery caused
her to lose her psychic powers.
Ah-ha, I thought, another tort reform horror story and started to dig around.

It took about thirty seconds to discover that there were only two accurate points in the paragraph: her husband is a dentist and the lawsuit made news.

Numerous sources state that she never claimed her psychic powers were destroyed and the judge, in any case, specifically barred the jury from considering it. She had warned the doctors she was allergic to iodine, but they injected her with a tracer. She had a severe reaction and never had the CAT scan the newspapers claimed she claimed robbed her of her powers. What she did claim was that headaches, etc. rendered her unable to pursue her livelihood, which happened to be 'Aura Reader.' At which she, apparently, did quite well. Also left out is the fact that the damages were reduced to $1 by the judge and the verdict was later overturned anyway for reasons unrelated to her claimed powers.

Well, it's a small thing. But the News is a big paper. Kinda makes you wonder about the rest of the story.
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