Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, May 09, 2005

Huffing and Puffing 

The brandy-new The Huffington Post looks a lot more interesting than I would have thought. Celebrity blogging and Drudge-style linking. It has a great look but it reminds me of the 'flypaper' strategy from the GWOT. Having all the nuts in one place makes them easier to keep track of.

Today they link to an article from Haaretz.com. The headline gives you the reason for the link: Israel Rapped for Human Guinea Pigs. Uh-oh, have they been cutting up Palestinian babies again? It's such an irresistable The Jews Have Become Mengele meme.

The actual story was an Israeli paper reporting an Israeli State Comptroller's report sharply critical of lax oversight by the Israeli Health Ministry over clinical trials at Israeli hospitals. In other words, the kind of thing that happens now and again in a democracy and the kind of responsible, transparent government reaction you would hope for. It's a scandal, but it's only a scandal. Despite the HuffPo's best efforts it's not evidence of The Perfidious Jew. Quite the contrary.
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