Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Get a Grip 

I grabbed these links from Billy Budd at American Dinosaur. They speak the plain truth concerning Newsweek and the swirling Koran.

I think most people would agree that if some interrogator did flush some pages during a session he should be reprimanded. It's the kind of thing we'd be smart to avoid. By all means, take a weekend pass from him.

But isn't the real point that a small group of lunatics half a world away are aware that they can get our national panties in a twist by killing a few dozen people and issuing one of their 'smite the infidel' press releases? Isn't the proper response 'Sorry. Please go away now'?

Of course Newsweek acted irresponsibly and with malice to the administration. That's what they do. Of course the Islamists pretended we had done something heinous like, say, decapitate innocent hostages. That's what they do.

But do the rest of us have to play along?
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