Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The 'Compromise' 

Harry Reid says: "The integrity of the Supreme Court has been protected from the undue influence of the vocal, radical right wing."

As Powerline says, there's nothing about that sentence that makes any sense at all except to the alternate reality-based wing of the Democratic party. That is, aside from the fact that it makes explicit the fact that this shameful episode had nothing to do with the men and women whose character and reputation they've relentlessly and unfairly attacked. It's all about the Supremes.

To recast Senator Reid's remark in Earth-based language, "The liberal court system has been protected from the undue influence of the majority party."

The Republicans get three out of ten highly qualified judges and the Democrats reserve the right to filibuster any time they want under what they consider 'extraordinary' circumstances. Nobody is under any illusion that they won't consider the circumstances extraordinary whenever a conservative is nominated.

I don't believe a minority party has ever attempted a court-packing scheme. I'm sure there's never been a successful one before.

As Quin Hillyer says at NRO, this wasn't a compromise. It was a capitulation.
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