Drooling on the Pillow

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Commonplace Nonsense 

I need some help here.

Richard Cohen's columns are often perplexing. You usually know what he's trying to get at, but they're studded with nonsensical artifacts that stop you in your tracks.

Today I'm stumped.

He seems to be making the case that Lynnde England, the teeny-eyed trooper from the Abu Ghraib pictures, is more sinned against than sinning. Or something.

Then he plops this down in the middle:
And you can see - can't you? - what no one will testify
to: She's homely, and that matters for a woman in
America. She posed for pornographic pictures with
Graner. The discipline of the Army apparently meant
she no longer had to have any herself. This is why
fascism can be so (sexually) exciting.
Okaaay. I'm not sure why being a woofer and in the Army released her from the obligations of discipline or why a lack of same indicates a goose-stepping fetish. Maybe his deep thinking has led him to the conclusion that weak-minded people tend to get into trouble. Exhausted from that cogitation he just took the first opportunity to put 'fascism' and 'the Army' in the same paragraph.

This is the essence of Mr. Cohen's journalism. To the extent his conclusions are original they are nonsense. To the extent they're true, they're commonplace.
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