Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bi-Directional Labiation 

We share the floor with with an equally large and scary law firm, which is one of the reasons we're getting out of the building. Lawyers aren't good at sharing.

There's a young woman who works for the other guys, probably a proof reader or something as she always dresses down.

I think she kind of likes me.

She's attractive and friendly and full of wisecracks. Around five or six times a day she travels from their space to the ladies room which crosses in front of our glassed reception area where I can be found much of the day, especially after our receptionist goes home around three. She walks with a kind of lurching gait, as if she were going down a slight incline. Which I like.

The reason I think she likes me is that during her transit of reception, if I look up she's looking at me. If I'm standing by the door she looks away. But once a week or so she finds some bologna reason to come in and make conversation. As if they didn't have legal manila folders in her office.

Well, it's pleasant for a guy my age and with my looks to believe she's attracted to me. So I do.

It's important to note that my perception, whether fantasy or not, although pleasant, is purely abstract. I've been with the Goddess for fifteen years now and am aware that they don't call her the Goddess just for her benevolence and beauty. She's a wrathful Goddess, too. Thunderbolts, plagues, that sort of thing. Nevertheless, for these reasons and for better ones, she's the only woman I've ever been involved with for more than a few weeks I never cheated on.

But then I'd say that, wouldn't I?

Having admitted a great deal of bad behavior towards women, why should you believe me when I tell you I'm a reformed dog?

Which leads me to the headline of the day:

"Corzine Vows He'll Be Honest, If Elected"

Which almost sounds more like a threat than a promise. If we don't elect him we better really hold on to our wallets.

Of course, Sluggo is not imputing past dishonesty to Mr. Corzine, which he is promising to reform (if elected).

But, on the other hand, you only have my word that I was a dog. When you think about it, though, a middle-aged guy is more likely to lie about having been one than lie about not having been one.

What does all this mean? It means I may have a future in Democratic politics.

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