Drooling on the Pillow

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Snail Down 

I don't know if Gracie (the Snail) has a very high pain threshold or if she's just a stoical little soldier, but we always have to watch her because she never complains of pain. Lane saw her holding her jaw the other day and elicited the confession that she was in a little discomfort. She got her to a dentist and, apparently, just in time before her jaw blew up. One tooth coming in, another reluctant to leave. Impacted. The guy had to drill a hole and pack it with medication. Half her head now looks like a pumpkin, the other half looks bored to tears because there's no sports for her this weekend. She claims to have no pain and doesn't need Tylenol. I'd publish a picture, but one day I would pay for that.

She's already way over her cathode ray allotment for the day and it's only the middle of the afternoon. The rest of my day will be Uno and Monopoly.
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