Drooling on the Pillow

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ponch and Jon 

Yesterday Lane got a residual check for an episode of CHiPs she did back in 1981. These come in every month or so as she did a lot of television back in the '80s. The best thing she did back then was Roots where she played Brad Davis' wife. They were the only nice white people on the show. Put all the checks together for the last five years, though, and they wouldn't get us to Aruba. Barely to Atlantic City. This one was for $12.17.

My residuals are the stories she tells about the shows I watched and the actors who were hot a million years ago. Every time she gets a check for CHiPs I'm reminded that the trousers for the stars were never tight enough for the producers. By the time she was on the show they were being sewn into them for the shoots. I enjoy picturing Eric Estrada being lifted by a couple of large Teamsters and the motorcycle being wheeled under him. They actually hired guys for that.
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