Drooling on the Pillow

Friday, April 08, 2005

Never Mind 

I'm linking to a little story Roberto has this morning via Fox News only because it shows Jon Corzine edging ahead of Mel Martinez in the Clueless Freshman Senator Sweepstakes.
FoxNews reports that NJ Senator Jon Corzine issued a press
statement earlier in the week saying the senator was "livid"
that President Bush "refused to allow" Jimmy Carter to join
the official U.S. delegation to the Vatican. He accussed Bush
of "injecting petty partisan politics" and "blah.. blah.. blah....".
Seems like Carter then responded that actually he was
invited but declined to attend. Corzine then admitted that
he had not spoken with Carter at all about the alleged snub
and he said he had no evidence that Bush had snubbed the
Nice move, Jon.
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