Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, April 14, 2005

His Serene Majesty, Sluggo I 

The things you find out after sixteen years of marriage.

We were watching the news last night and after a story about Jordan, the Goddess observed that she and Queen Noor, the widow of King Hussein, were pals in high school.

"You mean you knew her?"

"No, we were close friends."

I would have called her a liar, but I seemed to recall her mentioning something about it years ago. Besides, I hate sleeping downstairs.

It didn't make me happy, though. I started to catalog my brushes with greatness.

I was a tackling dummy for Art Thoms in high school.

Thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking

I lived next door to Rachel Carson as a kid. Not something to brag about.


I played Will Parker to Larry Drake's Jud in a production of Oklahoma! in Little Rock.

Starting to feel pathetic.


Not thinking of anything good.

Not thinking at all.

I speak.

"That's cool, honey."
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