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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

For a Good Time in the Woods 

There's a place just north of Lake George where the family, Big G, Little G and me, goes at least once a year. It's just outside of Warrensburg, NY.

I found it probably fifteen years ago when we were looking for a cheap vacation. Lane (and, later, Grace) prefer the sea shore. I like the mountains. We'd been together a couple years and had gone away exclusively to the shore so I felt it was time to exercise my prerogative. I had an old ratty book of Adirondack B&Bs and started calling them. About the third number I called I got a guy with a mild Brooklyn accent and got into a conversation with him for about a half an hour. Nice guy, I thought. Or maybe he does no business at all.

We went for a week and had a great time. There's a fine old amusement park nearby and a water park. There's golf, there's rodeo, horseback riding, whitewatering. There's a joint up the road in Stony Creek that has great music. And, for Lane, there's discount malls.

But the best part is that at the place we stay there is nothing at all. It's in a beautiful spot, tucked in between a small ski resort mountain and the Hudson River. The river is only about twenty yards across and is right outside the door. It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's lovely. No TV, no computers, cell phones don't work there.

Steve and Sandi, who run it are great friends and great hosts. They know everything about the area and run the local Historical Society. We spend evenings playing Mexican Train and talking.

I had a great aunt who ran a boarding house in Asbury Park before it turned into Beirut. I was barely into my teens then but I loved the place because I loved talking to the boarders. They were quiet, respectable people, but their stories were so wild and unexpected and, of course, they loved the attention of anyone, even a twelve year old.

That's a feature of B&Bs I enjoy. The lesbian falconers and motorcycle riding polymer inventors.

We'll be going up in a week or so. TigerHawk had some news the other day that there was a mercury warning for large and small mouth bass. Grace is mad for fishing, but she's just graduated to baiting her own hook. I don't know that we would have gotten to cleaning and eating this summer anyway. All she wants to do these days is play catch, but if she sees somebody hook a sunnie she'll be there in a flash.

Anyway, there's a link to Country Road Lodge on the right under the title of this post. It definitely has the Sluggo Seal of Approval.
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