Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Find Me on Monster.com 

I'd like to be Ambassador to the U.N. Lane would like to live in the city and a gig like that is probably the only way we could swing it. Also, for me, NYC parking signs might as well be written in Aramaic. I always get a ticket when I park on the street in the city. So a U.N. job would be very helpful and save me a ton of money.

Unfortunately, when I haven't gotten enough sleep I'm a kick-up, kick-down kind of guy, which is aparently not what the Democrats are looking for. When I have gotten plenty of sleep I go to kiss-up, kiss-down and I don't think that would get the job done.

I would consider being Pope, but the stumbling block there is my stand on the 'life' issues. A little too lax on the abortion thing and way too firm on the death penalty thing.

That guy who raped and killed Jessica Lunsford in Florida? He has to die.
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