Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Brilliant Success 

Okay, I'll make this as brief and painless as possible. I was a couple hours late for work today because Grace's class put on a play this morning and there was no question that I had to be there. Under The Kapok Tree, was the name, which they adapted from a book and it was kind of a 'Circle of Life', save the rain forest deal. There were several theatrical moms involved so the set and costumes turned out to be somewhat spectacular. The whole play took about 15-20 minutes but the rehersal and preparation stages were brutal. It feels like this thing has been going on for months.

Grace was a tree porcupine, but the closest mask we could find was a mouse. It worked out fine, but Grace was adamant that tree porcupines have pink noses, not black ones. Which is how I found myself the other night spending an hour applying pink nail polish to four little mouse noses. It was a moment of realization.

She was the best.
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