Drooling on the Pillow

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Breathing a Wee Bit Easier 

Yes I'm glad they indicted these guys since they were allegedly trying to blow up my building. I'll be even gladder to get they heck out of here when we move our office in January. For the past few years it's not been hard to imagine a big target target on it. The security was intense last year when they raised the threat level to 'high' because of this plot, but it's still the hardest building in New York to get into and out of.

Part of it is an elevator system where each elevator has an upper and lower chamber. How it works in practice is a client comes in the street level and is told he has to go to the lower level to access even numbered floors (us). At the lower level he's told he has to go upstairs to have his picture taken and to call us to verify he's expected. That can take fifteen minutes. Then he has to go back down to the lower level to get in the elevator. From the time the lobby calls us to tell us a client is here to when he walks in the door is not uncommonly a half an hour. And they walk through the door angry.

Combine that with more automatic weapons than a Jerry Bruckheimer movie and you have a less than ideal business climate.
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