Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, April 18, 2005

All Snail, All The Time 

What a beautiful weekend it was. The Goddess has been working all weekend for a couple of weeks and will for a couple more so I'm in complete soccer dad mode. Just me and the kid all weekend long. She scored the winning goal with a minute to play in a 1-0 soccer game against the top team in the league then put on her baseball uniform and went out to third base to help the Royals crush the Pirates. I realize that had this been your kid you would have maintained a dignified silence, but that's you. This is me.

She's got a lot of talent, but she's also been very fortunate with her coaches and teammates. I'm just worried that she's getting to think that winning is always going to be this easy. Who knows? Maybe it will be.

Then Sunday she had a swimming party and then biking and then with what she had left she just ran around like an idiot for a couple hours. Man, if only she could break off a piece of that for dad. I didn't get anywhere near a computer all weekend and that was just fine with me.
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