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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Paul Krugman -- Moderate 

Back in January I posted thusly:
[We] need one word [along the lines of 'fisking'] to
describe a vicious, scurrilous, dishonest, hysterical
accusation of another person's viciousness,
scurrilousness, dishonesty and hysteria. I propose
'knieveling' since the old guy [Evel Knievel] came out
of the courtroom after a judge dismissed his
defamation suit and called the judge a 'bimbo'. I can't
wait for the first post fisking someone for knieveling
Of course, the champeen knieveler is Paul Krugman who demonstrates today, why a lack of euphony is the only reason we don't just call the practice 'krugmaning'.

Let's just stipulate that there has been a notable lack of restraint, subtlety and calm reasoning on the part of both sides in the Terri Schaivo tragedy. Simply because I believed that a way could and should have been found to allow the poor woman to live without endangering the constitution or the separation of powers doesn't mean that anyone who disagrees with me is a moron, a communist or the tool of communist morons.

I admit, it's difficult for me to understand how one can believe the local judiciary should be deferred to in the case of Ms. Schiavo and ignored and subverted, in the case of Elian Gonzales and believe both with messianic zeal and perfect contempt for alternative points of view. I've struggled to understand what makes people like Krugman and even far cooler heads such as Jeff Jarvis so angry that people are trying to keep her alive. All this talk of theocrats and Mullahs to me is just an attempt to take the issue off the table. But of course, it's the Republicans who stifle dissent and use intimidation techniques. It's the Republicans who are furthering their agenda on the back of this unfortunate woman.

In the words of Paul Krugman:
America isn't yet a place where liberal politicians,
and even conservatives who aren't sufficiently
hard-line, fear assassination. But unless moderates take
a stand against the growing power of domestic
extremists, it can happen here.
Let's try to remember that this despicable blowhard is portraying the efforts of a diverse group of people to (you may well believe mistakenly) save a woman's life as foreshadowing of a domestic kristallnacht. More outrageously, he implies his position is the moderate one.
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