Drooling on the Pillow

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Good Government 

In the Sunday Times New Jersey Section, Laura Mansnerus quotes Acting Governor Codey's job description for the newly created post of Liutenant Governor:

"To stay alive in case the governor doesn't."

She speculates that there will be value in the post for the LiutGov in terms of establishing name recognition for subsequent state-wide campaigns. She doesn't bother with the question of value for the voters.

The post is not voted on by the public; the gubernatorial candidate names his running mate. Ms. Mansnerus notes that "these days it is not easy to get a township council seat for free, let alone a statewide office."

I don't know what the LiutGov is going to be paid, but at any price it's too much. Why not let the governor name his successor upon his indictment? Or, if he keels over in his manicotti, have the AG run an auction. That way the loot goes into the state coffers instead somebody's coffee can.

As far as the voters are concerned, it would make little difference.
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