Drooling on the Pillow

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Jersey Style 

Check out PoliticsNJ.com for Steve Kornacki's story of the breath of fresh air Jon Corzine is bringing to the political scene. Hmmm, smells like Hague.

The gist of it is a kind of flow-chart on the deals that are being made and rumored to be being made and may possibly be made between Corzine, Codey, Mendendez and Andrews to slice up the state-wide offices in the 2005 election cycle. Who hates who, but will do business with who. We live in a smoke-filled kindergarten.

My favorite item on the page was the link to eBay where someone is auctioning off corzine2005 domains. As of now, with four and a half hours to go, the bid is up to $142.00. I have the feeling the seller thought he would be doing a lot better than that, given the senator's deep pockets.

Update: $430 with an hour and 20 left.

Update: In the last two minutes of bidding the price slammed up from $500 to $1,247.22. Not bad.
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