Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, December 06, 2004

I Got the Sun in the Morning . . . 

I think one of the best buys in town is the New York Sun. Just two bits. If you exclude the weekend Times it has the best cultural coverage in town. The sports page is coming up although it's dominated by sabermatricians who sometimes go a little too far inside baseball. The editorial pages are what make it invaluable, though. Intelligent, aggressive right of center commentary. It's a platform this town has needed for half a century. Yes, there is the Post, which has some very good people and there is the News which flips back and forth, but it is healthy for the city to have a conservative broadsheet.

I always read the EMT Diary (not available for non-subscribers). An EMT named Eugenia Klopsis presents fascinating weekly peeks into the people and situations she runs across in her work. She writes very well.

They also have a weekly column (Trump-o-Nomics) on their business page explicating the previous week's episode of Trump's The Apprentice. I've already admitted to watching the show, but I'll miss that column more than the show when the season is done.
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