Drooling on the Pillow

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Who Wants to Suck Up to a Millionaire? 

There is something horribly fascinating about Trump's show The Apprentice. I may not want to spend ten seconds in the company of anyone associated with the show, but I watch it.

So I watched an episode of Mark Cuban's rip off show, The Benefactor. It's just as horrible, but singularly lacking in fascination.

Now Richard Branson is coming out with his own. It looks like the Robin Leach version, but I'll never know since Mark Cuban innoculated me from this genre.


How many telegenic multi-millionaires with high Q-ratings can there be? I'm sure Ted Turner is right around the corner, but after that?

I'd like to see George Soros and Rupert Murdock vying for the souls of contestants. Put ten sociolgy grad students and ten MBA candidates in morally ambiguous situations. If the contestant acts with perfect self-interest or betrays any pleasure inflicting pain upon anyone else, Rupert claims his soul. If there is a hint of moral preening or if the contestant claims to act "for the good of the group" by restricting the rights of another contestant, George drags him down to his version of hell.

The winner (and, lets be serious, there wouldn't be one) would be crowned Third Way Guy.

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