Drooling on the Pillow

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dorian Gray 

I'm really not that old -- mid-fifties. These days, that means the mid-life crisis is still on the horizon. But consider this:

Just about a year ago I had a knee replaced. Arthritis runs in my family so that's not too surprising even though I'm about 20 years younger than the demographic for this procedure. And since no one that I know about on either side of my parent's families has ever had cancer, I'll take the trade-off. But now I have cataracts. Both eyes. The lights are going out fast.

I had the same prescription for probably twenty years and then suddenly, and I mean suddenly, about seven month ago I noticed that I couldn't read a road sign that I really should be able to read. The deterioration became evident, week by week. Went to my eye guy. He said this was coming, but I might hold it off with a new perscription. I got new glasses but the dimmer switch is inexorable. So next month I get new lens implants. I'll be out of work for one day and the upside is I might not need glasses anymore because the new thing is corrective lens implants. I've had glasses since I was twelve so that's cool.

What's not cool is that I'm starting to see myself as a sixteen year old trapped in a seventy year old's body who happens to be fifty-six.

Until the end of October I'd stay off the NJ Turnpike if I was you.
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