Drooling on the Pillow

Monday, June 07, 2004

Buy My Product, Chump 

Would someone please explain to me the logic behind the current DirectTV campaign?

People write letters to DirectTV praising their product and, in return, DirectTV hires Hollywood hotshots to belittle them.

I generally give advertisers credit for knowing what they are doing in terms of identifying demographics and appealing to them. Because I'm not in the major demographic for most products, I expect to be baffled or offended or disgusted by a lot of what I see. However.

I assume they have to obtain releases for reading the letters on the air so perhaps this is the Gong Show Syndrome where getting your name and your (admittedly) fatuous remarks on the tube is a good greater than any humiliation. Having Robert Duvall call you a moron is fine as long as he mentions your name.

There's next to zero production costs for this campaign, but the level of talent they use comes very, very high.

I'm very happy with Comcast cable, but if I were in the market for satellite reception I can't see throwing my business to them.

Two possible reasons for this disconnect: I have no sense of humor, or, like I said, I just don't speak this demographic. There is apparently no greater language barrier than between demographics.
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