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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Carnival of The New Jersey Bloggers, Number 9 

Oh, the excitement this week as the MainStream Media came a'callin'. Peter Applebome's peek under the Carnival's tent set things in motion. Smoking hit counters. Melted Technorati icons. Tillie's in a tizzy. Okay, settle down, everybody, we've got a lot of ground to cover.

To the right is the first concrete highway built in New Jersey, in New Village. Anybody know where that is? Well, it's where we're starting.

Fausta takes a break from terrorism, politics and smacking around Jacques Chirac to straighten out a Times reviewer at The Bad Hair Blog.

The Prop, of Coffeegrounds, muses on the ontological pile-up when popular aesthetics and consumer technology are heading in different directions.

TJ hasn't been posting much lately, but she has an excuse. She's opening this weekend in the musical Annie and is sharing the back-stage dirt at Twisty.

To the left is New Jersey's Governor's Mansion.

Drumthwacket, Drumthwacket, Drumthwacket.

Enlighten-New Jersey appreciates the fact that Jon Corzine can afford to live here. They just don't think he should.

Contrariwise, Big Windbag has a story of Republican shenanigans.

After a two year hiatus Gigglechick is back on stage. And you can catch her at the Improv on the 20th at 7:00 pm.

Shabe has some thoughts of an ironical nature on the New York Times' attention to our little carnival at The Jersey Side.

Here is one of the innumerable depictions of the Jersey Devil. The bottom's cut off so you can't see his skates.

Speaking of creatures of the night, Liz, at MyNewJersey has some tough love for David Hasselhof.

And Patrick of JerseyStyle! has been spending a lot of nights at the poker table, analog and digital.

Red/blue, right/left, boxers/jockeys, charcoal/propane. Suzette has made a commitment at Cripes, Suzette.

TigerHawk wades into the Plame-Wars and finds a Jerseycentric hook in Rush Holt's call for an investigation.

Lucy, the Margate Elephant. Icon, tourist attraction, logo for If This Is Paradise, I Wish I Had a Lawn Mower.

Tom Evslin has good things to say about nuclear and solar. He also blogs from my home town, so pay attention to Fractals of Change.

The New Wisdom is written by eight New Jerseyists. I tell you, this blog thing might just catch on! In this post, Jonathan discusses the health risks of monosodium glutamate.

That's Dave Draper winning his Mr. New Jersey trophy in 1963. The guy gripping and grinning with him looks familiar.

Batfans and agents are lobbying to have their favorite actors cast as the Joker and Two-Face in the next Batman installment. Mr. Snitch is lobbying to have his favorite building cast in a leading role.

Riss has some sobering thoughts for every blogger at Tequila Shots for the Soul.

The Center of NJ Life's advice to Governor Cody on the fast-track legislation for developers is slow down.

The Art of Getting By muses on beginnings and endings.

Poetic Leanings would like to lean something heavy on Doug Forrester.

It was a hot night and the subjects of Barista of Bloomfield Avenue were unhappy. Debbie Galant goes pool-blogging.

Not sure which of you this is, but there's a blogger in Ocean County who's plenty steamed about something.

It might have been Daniella's Misadventures on her way back from Atlantic City. We do thank her for her contribution to our education fund.

Or maybe BeLOW Me going off on Scott McClellan.

Tami, The One True thinks about right and wrong and how to tell.

The USS New Jersey, transiting the Gaillard Cut in Panama.

I thought this would be a good place to hear from SmadaNek on asbestos and school gnidnuf.

Bevin and Sooner's Totally Knitting Universe put down their needles for a reality check with a Batman nay-sayer.

A twister game and olive oil, Barbecue Bob and an applesauce tower. These little things remind me of Poor Impulse Control.

A little baseball talk from 11th and Washington.

Fausti's Book Quest takes a Jefferson Airplane look at Alice in Wonderland.

Philly2Hoboken has done a lot of thinking about the Hoboken dating scene. It's not all that pretty.

Roberto, at DynamoBuzz is getting nervous about proposed D.W.D. (Driving While Distracted) laws.

Gregg Gethard wants everyone to know he spent some time in high school as an Omega Male.

The singer Jessica Rylan is interviewed by Ben Mattingly at goethe re scape (Livejournal).

You want to be listening carefully when people talk to you. Otherwise, you may wind up in Joe's Journal.

Look to the right. This is what the other side looks like.

Bob follows the money, your money, at eCache.

Nordette Adams marks the passing of Luther Vandross at Confessions of a Jersey Goddess.

Where Is The Remote? sniffs out a political stunt.

There's not much a refreshing cocktail can't cure. Share one with Kate at KateSpot.

All those hours you've spent on the couch and have you ever thought about the guy in the chair who sits there all day every day? Of course not. It's all about you. Well, Len Levitz has dietary concerns at Imaginary Therapy.

Maureen Burzok at Jersey Writers looks at James Fenimore Cooper. Thought of him as a New York guy, didn't you? We had him first. Born right here in Burlington, a true son of the knobbed whelk.

Steve Hart is grinding The Opinion Mill. The grist is the Oliver Stone 9/11 movie. What get pulverized is Showtime's DC 9/11: Time of Crisis.

There's always gotta be one. TPB, Esq. at Unbillable Hours was not content with the attentions of the New York Times. He posted on United States v. Berger and got himself Instalanched!

Kim Pearson takes us inside a pow-wow between Jon Corzine and some bloggers at Professor Kim's News Notes.

Kind of hard to believe Jim's never seen a cranberry bog, but I guess they've got everything he needs at the Parkway Rest Stop.

And here's a blog that tracks The Jersey Shore Real
Estate Bubble. Well, the mountains are nice.

dream4distance, another Livejournal poster, takes on Lyme Disease at Cresting Acrocorinthus.

Finally, Nightfly compares and contrasts Sears, Roebuck and Live 8. For those of you wondering what the 'Roebuck' is doing there, well, you're probably wondering who the little dude in the red hat at the bottom is, too.

To all my friends across New Jersey, I say Liberty and Prosperity!. And stop by, we'll have a slice. The rest of you can come. But you're buying.

I'm Sluggo and I am out of here.

Catch up with Tillie at the Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers #10
next Sunday, July 24th, at The Bad Hair Blog

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